What every daughter needs to know before hitting puberty!

What every daughter needs to know before hitting puberty!

6. December 2020 0 By Katharina Weitkamp

Dear mothers, aunts, big sisters, grandmothers, godparents,

It is on you to prepare the growing girls in your life for the fact that with the onset of puberty not only do pubic hair and the breasts start growing but, very importantly, the labia also begin to grow and change. This is rarely talked about!

For some women, the inner and outer labia grow more, for others, less. This again shows the huge variety of our yonis. About half of all adult women will later have inner labia which protrude and are larger than the outer labia. This means that, depending on the mood of the vulva, the inner labia will be more or less visible from the outside.

In the majority of girls hitting puberty, with time the colour of the labia will also change and become darker. This has nothing to do with a lack of hygiene: these deep red, brown and purple shades are part of the variety!

And dear mothers, if you’re thinking, ”Oh, no need to worry about my daughter, my vulva is very small and rarely visible”, don’t expect things to be the same: mothers and daughters can look very different! In such a situation it is perhaps all the more important for you to talk about diversity in the natural appearance of an adult vulva.