Beauty is God-given. Oh, hang on? How about a Goddess-given ideal of beauty?

Beauty is God-given. Oh, hang on? How about a Goddess-given ideal of beauty?

Just like we honour old trees, their strength and beauty. How about honouring the beauty and strength of older women?

A Goddess-given ideal of beauty. What would be the appearance of this beauty?

We would love wrinkles because they show how much you have smiled and laughed together!

We would love our grey hair because it is the wisdom growing out of our heads!

We would celebrate saggy breasts that have nourished.

We would celebrate soft bellies that have given life!

What would a world look like where we honour age and not youth?

Beauty products would be different or unnecessary. Ageing, not anti-ageing. Every day of your life, you would get a little bit closer to the ideal of beauty without any effort!

Some seek to be over-achieving again in order to attain that perfect look a couple of years earlier, so here are some tips for you:

  • Colour your hair in shades of grey.
  • Let your breasts swing and dance! Push-up bras are not needed , instead breasts would be allowed to be free, to attain the saggy look a couple of years earlier.
  • Drink more alcohol and smoke to look more aged a bit sooner.
  • Prepare coffee and tea extracts to take the white off your teeth. I bet there will be DIY blogs telling you about the most potent ways.
  • Drink less water, dehydration will help you emphasise the wonderful wrinkles around your eyes when you smile.

For the rest, I ask you: would we still say “Beauty knows no pain” and keep torturing ourselves to attain the ideal of beauty?