Honouring your feminine* side – not just for women

Honouring your feminine* side – not just for women

18. September 2020 0 By Katharina Weitkamp

Honouring the female is our future to (re)-establish a balance between yin and yang.

Caring for nature, for our children, sustainably surviving on mother earth taking care of all beings.

For me feminine/yin qualities are (to name but a few):

  • caring
  • sharing
  • nurturing
  • receiving
  • feeling
  • creativity
  • sustainability
  • intuition
  • focus on relationships
  • communication

this does not mean, we have to stop our rationale and structured thinking and reasoning. It just means to reintegrate and value intuition, creativity, cooperation etc.

Honouring the female is a chance for us women to empower and nourish ourselves.

Let us (re-)learn

  • to trust and follow our intuition.
  • To come together in circles to support each other. No more gossiping, just supporting each other and rising together to become the unique beings we were born to be, the fullest versions of ourselves.
  • A big one: learning to receive! We do not have to do everything alone 120%. We can receive and be grateful.

*) feminine/masculine: in want of better words. These terms may be misguiding because of their deep association with feminine = women and masculine = men. Each one of us has both aspects. Maybe yin and yang are better terms?