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One orgasm or many? And what football has got to do with it?

Women experience and describe different forms of orgasm, e.g. clitoral, vaginal, cervical, breast and whole-body orgasms. Nevertheless, debate in scientific circles still rages as to whether different forms of female orgasm actually exist (Jannini et al., 2012). One team of researchers called the Puppos, consisting of father and daughter (an interesting combination!), insists that all…

By Katharina Weitkamp 12. February 2021 0

Honouring your feminine* side – not just for women

Honouring the female is our future to (re)-establish a balance between yin and yang. Caring for nature, for our children, sustainably surviving on mother earth taking care of all beings. For me feminine/yin qualities are (to name but a few): caring sharing nurturing receiving feeling creativity sustainability intuition focus on relationships communication this does not…

By Katharina Weitkamp 18. September 2020 0